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Executives use coaching for leadership development when change is important - for their business, for their careers and for their well being.

You are a potential client if:
  • You have a new agenda - new responsibilities
    or challenging business circumstances
  • You want to increase your personal impact
    within your business
  • Or you are developing specific leadership skills


New Agenda Testing Your Leadership Skill . . .

  • Implementing a change in business strategy?
  • Establishing your leadership of a larger organization in a different business?
  • Forging new business alliances?
Whether you're new or the circumstance is new, change is an opportunity to polish your leadership skills and jump-start your career.

Want to Increase Personal Impact . . .

  • Successful and seeking ways to differentiate yourself?
  • Overloaded and looking for economies of effort?
  • Frustrated and seeking ways to be more effective?

Developing your leadership skill will redirect your energy from worry to action and enhance your executive career.


Specific Leadership Skills . . .


Some examples of client situations:

  • High potential executives seeking support for development and readiness for advancement
  • Executives and senior managers wanting to develop their delegation, negotiation, communication or interpersonal skills
  • Senior professionals (accountants, lawyers, doctors and consultants) needing to articulate their unique value propositions


Connie McCandless

Call me at 416-221-1966 for a confidential discussion about how I can help you achieve your business goals.



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