Leadership skill training
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Your Winning
Leadership Style

Feel the confidence and power
of clear direction

Know when to follow your instincts
or think things through

Be calm under pressure

Leadership Skill Training . . .

My services are a combination of:
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership skill training
  • Management consulting

My leadership skill training is designed to achieve business and personal benefits.

We look for the heart, the essence, of what the business needs and who you are as an individual leader, and make a very specific match between your leadership actions, skill and your business goals.

Working with me, you identify and communicate your leadership focus.

Leading on Purpose and with a Purpose

It all starts with you the executive. Your private thoughts and feelings are not really private. They are on full view in your face, voice and posture as well as in your decisions and actions.

Intention. Are you ambivalent or hesitant about your leadership role? If so, it shows so first you must establish your commitment to lead.


Clarity. Knowing exactly where you are going and how you are leading the way comes first. Then you can be clear with all the people who are contributing to the goal.

Confidence. Belief that you will succeed and handle the challenges along the way builds trust. And allows you to take decisive action.

Working on your own understanding and thoughts is the shortest route to leadership success.

So what's different . . .

This is different from most management training:

  • Customized for you and your situation
  • Sustained work over a few months
  • Insights plus action transform your leadership

Like athletic exercise, we build on your drive and natural talent to create winning leadership skills and style.

Connie McCandless
Call me at 416-221-1966 for a confidential discussion about how I can help you achieve your business goals.

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