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My Leadership Definition . . .

Leadership is a relationship.

     Build rapport and trust

  • With colleagues
  • With staff, customers and suppliers
  • With all those whose energy and commitment
    are needed to accomplish the goal.
    Create focus and movement
  • Set direction
  • Distill and communicate it
  • Then live it everyday – walk it, talk it, teach it.

Effective Leadership

Effective leaders are comfortable in their roles and achieve results. What are their characteristics, styles and skills?

First and foremost, they are driven to lead – the prerequisite for effective leadership.

Effective leaders have credibility and style. They are the real deal - competent, authentic people respected and liked by those they work with.

Effective leaders are passionate about future possibilities. Forward thinking, they see opportunities for growth, for excellence, for change.

Effective leaders distill, communicate and enact the essence of their goals. In every situation they interpret the current situation and express what is to be achieved.

Effective leaders listen and learn from their experience and from others around them. They pro-actively manage and change their own behaviour.


Given the desire to lead, becoming an effective leader is possible for all of us. It’s a matter of learning how to apply your natural abilities and learn from your experience.

Leadership Coaching

As a business executive, you have a ready-made leadership opportunity. But it’s easy to forget that you are leading and get caught up in day-to-day activities.

Learn to build good relationships, capture attention, set direction and maintain focus.

Whether you are an outgoing natural leader or a
thoughtful scholar, with leadership coaching you can:
  • Resolve credibility issues
  • Build rapport and communicate with your
  • Focus your actions on what’s important

Connie McCandless

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